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She Shed

Move Over Man Caves, Women Have She Sheds

For years men have spent much of their time and effort on perfecting their Man Cave. But a new thing women are doing across the world puts those Man Caves to shame. The newest trend? She Sheds! Everyone wants a nice, quiet place they can escape to from the stresses of the day. Men have been hiding out in their Man Caves for a long time now, but women have never had a place they can escape, until[...]

Fear the Walking Dead Has Us Dying in Antcipation

I LOVE the Walking Dead. I cannot wait for the 6th season to return to AMC this October. But in the meantime, Walking Dead fans like me can treat themselves to the new spinoff, Fear the Walking Dead. The new series will debut on AMC this August and is a sort of prequel to the Walking Dead. Fear the Walking Dead takes place in Los Angeles and shows the events people experience as their world transfor[...]

Grab That Wine Glass…It’s a Wine Review!

The best way to end the day is to curl up on the couch with a nice glass of wine. But any wino will tell you that it can get expensive. Some times you want to splurge and buy an expensive bottle, other times you want to go the cheaper route. For either of those times, here are some great wines to choose from! I love me some white wine! But it has to be good and most of the good ones cost a pretty pe[...]

A Girl’s Dream: Salon Quality Nails at Home

Like most girls, I love painted nails. But I hated that anytime I would do them at home, they would chip the very next day. Plus, it took so long for them to dry! I started to go to the nail salon and fell in love with the gel nails. You don’t have to wait for them to dry and they last for like 3 weeks. It does take some time for them to do the nails and it was becoming pretty expensive. I was spe[...]
bona drag store

Favorite Online Boutique: Bona Drag

First off, I wanted to apologize for my absence--it's been a bit of a busy few months with work and life--you know how it goes. I wanted to gush about this online store that I have been all about lately (not that I can afford ANYTHING) but just GETS ME. Seriously. Slightly goth girl, with a bit of bohemian, and burlesque star: there's a whole lot of awesome going on.   C[...]

Must-Read Comix Pt. 1

I recently got into the works of Michigan-based Megan comix writer: Rose Gedris, aka Rosalarian. Not only is she a woman in comics, she's also a multi-talented performer and openly queer!! Some of her ridiculously relatable and lolzy comics include Meaty Yogurt, Lesbians from Outerspace, and Eat Me--I should note that many of these are NSFW. I would love to take a vacation into the mind of Yumi[...]
STCHD | Stuff I'm Loving 2013

Stuff I’m Loving October 6-12

Ahava Witch Hazel Hand Cream  Witch hazel (which I often use as a toner) does not smell nearly as good as this stuff. This natural hand cream boasts no parabens or pthalate in it, so you won't feel like you're slathering on scented uranium. Warning: the smell is addicting, and people may think you are a crazy person.   No Joy's Wait to Pleasure While I wasn't immediately hooked on[...]

Stuff I’m Loving: First Week of August

This black and lace front baby-doll TFNC Dress from ASOS, because I would totally wear the shit out of this thing, especially if I plan on eating my weight in burritos. I think this would also look good with a skinny belt too. It's only $65 dollars too, which really isn't that bad, plus ASOS does free shipping and returns. Zevia soda. I am trying to weed out a lot of bad habits, including soda d[...]