Caitlyn Jenner…We Get the Point


Caitlyn Jenner

As much as I admire Caitlyn Jenner for standing up for what she believes in, I am kind of tired of hearing about it. It seems like everyday there is a new story about her, whether it is good or bad.

I have always been a fan of Bruce Jenner, so I thought it was very inspiring for him to come out and be his true self. To be honest, the only reason I would even watch some of the Kardashian episodes were because of Bruce. So I knew when he came out with his story, that I would be a fan of Caitlyn too.

But the whole Caitlyn Jenner thing is getting blown out of proportion. It seems like everywhere I go; there is something either negative or positive about Caitlyn. I think we all just need to let her live her new life. There is a part of me that thinks she keeps trying to be in the spotlight, but I think it is because she is trying to let people know that if she can get through this, anyone can. But of course the media is running wild with it.

One good thing about Caitlyn being in the spotlight, it takes some attention off of the Kardashians. At least Caitlyn is sending a positive message to the world, where the Kardashians don’t really send any message. I think Caitlyn is more of a role model than any of the Kardashians.

As much as I love the message Caitlyn and the transgender community is trying to send, I just think it is a little too much. I am happy that people are starting to feel comfortable in their own skin, but I don’t need to be blasted with it every time I go on the Internet or turn on the television.

There has to be other inspiring and positive stories for the news to share, why just concentrate on one?


Photos courtesy of Annie Leibovitz/Vanity Fair