Launch Helps Kids Learn Coding at Local Summer Camp

We all know that technology is taking over the world, meaning a career in computer is a smart and safe mood.  This is why it is not only important for women, but also kids to learn the fundamentals of computers and coding for a successful future. It also teaches them lifelong skills that they can use in the real world.

If you are living in the Austin, Texas area, your kids can get a head start with Launch’s coding summer camp. The summer camp still has room for their August session, where kids from the ages of 8 to 14 will learn the fundamentals of computer science and programming. Kids who attend the camp will received one on one support while working at their own pace. Plus, this type of activity will look great on their college application. It is never too soon to start planning the future. On top of the summer camp, Launch also offers weekly classes.

With technology advancing, coding in an important to language to know. Many school don’t teach coding, so this summer camp and classes give kids the opportunity to learn how to setup HTML5 website and use CSS to modify HTML elements. Kids will be able to make their own websites while learning these skills. The goal of the summer class and classes is to make coding fun and make computer science engaging to kids. Plus, they will be able to bring home what they learned and teach you! Expanding your computer knowledge will benefit you in any career.

Learning the fundamentals of coding has its many benefits. When kids learn these fundamentals, it improves their problem solving, communication, math skills, confidence and encourages their creativity. It also builds important skills like focus and organization.

Kids will be able to take what they learned to help them advance in the world of technology. One day they can use these skills to build websites, apps and games. For more information and to try a free demo, visit Launch’s website.