Inspired by the Past: Steve McQueen Style

The simple and refined look of Steve McQueen style has a timeless quality to it. Few other candidates can make sporting a neutral turtleneck look as stately, let alone flattering. We’re huge advocates of taking a page out of the McQueen book of style.

McQueen’s classic appearance is anchored in quiet elegance, a certain simplicity that allowed the details to create a moderate presentation. In a somewhat understated manner, McQueen was iconic for resembling the grace of old Hollywood.

A fairly universal denim shirt is a great starting off point in terms of capturing the look. A clean and neutral polo shirt can also make an exceptional top to your outfit. Pairing it with a similarly well accented pair of denim jeans can round out your overall execution. This is truly where the ‘classic’ presentation is developed.

After you have your base, it’s time to incorporate the key details. McQueen was a fan motorcycle racing, adorning quietly bold jackets to appropriate a sporty element. If you’re opting for something a little more formal, the perfect fitting sport coat adds some flare and only serves to refine the ageless appearance. Avoid busy patterns like plaid, not one piece of your outfit should be reaching.

Adding the final touch is just as easy. A designer watch is the ideal addition, emanating a richer shade of sophistication. It’s a smart and classy look that will speak louder than you might anticipate. Some things just never go out of style.