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Red Panda

Where to Find The Most Adorable Animals

There are some extremely cute animals out there. But you can only find them in certain parts of the world. Here is my list of the cutest animals from around the world! Black Footed Cat The Black Footed Cat is found in Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. They are tiny and absolutely adorable. They look like a regular house cat, but only usually weigh less than 5.5 pounds. They have distinct la[...]

Premiere of Fear the Walking Dead Entertains

We all know that I love The Walking Dead. So I was super excited for AMC’s new show, Fear the Walking Dead. The 90-minute pilot aired on Sunday and even though it was sort of slow, I was entertained and look forward to watching the next episode. I have heard mixed reviews about the show. The new series is a prequel to The Walking Dead and takes the audience on a journey of how the outbreak sta[...]

Fear the Walking Dead Premieres Tomorrow Night!

I am a huge Walking Dead fan. So I am super excited for AMC’s newest show, Fear the Walking Dead. The new series premieres tomorrow night and is sort of a prequel to The Walking Dead. The story takes place in Los Angeles and shows the events people experience as their world transforms into a zombie apocalypse. It is supposed to be the same apocalypse the Walking Dead characters face. But the new s[...]

I Have Bieber Fever

I used to be one of those people who would cringe anytime I even heard Justin Bieber’s name. But recently I saw him on a show and there is just something about him that is charming. Yes, I said Justin Bieber is charming. Here is why. Bieber is actually really funny. I have seen him on Saturday Night Live a couple times and he always did a great job. I recently saw him on Lip Sync Battle and he was[...]

Football Is Back!

I love football. My Sundays are just not complete without a whole day of football on the television. Preseason just kicked off last week and I was lucky enough to go to the Kansas City Chiefs and Arizona Cardinals 1st preseason game on Saturday. I happen to be both a huge Chiefs and Cardinals fan. (Hey, they are in different conferences, so it is ok) I had an absolute blast, but more importantly it gav[...]

Anyone Else Obsessed With Orange Is The New Black?

I know I am a little late to the party, but I just started watching Orange Is The New Black a few days ago. I am only on season 2, but I can’t stop watching it. The Netflix series premiered in July of 2013 and became an overnight sensation. If you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest you start watching it. It just released the 3rd season in June and I am excited to know that the fourth season is sched[...]

Fans Film Epic Foo Fighters Sing-Along Video

Who doesn’t love the Foo Fighters? Lead singer David Grohl has to be one of the coolest dudes on the planet so it is no surprise that a group of dedicated fans in Italy did an awesome thing to grab the band’s attention. Fabio Zaffagnini wants to see the Foo Fighters play live in his hometown of Cesena, Italy, which is just east of Florence. He got a group of 1,000 musicians to come together[...]

My All-Time Favorite Las Vegas Hotels

Growing up in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, I didn’t live far from Las Vegas. I have been to Sin City hundreds of times. There is so much fantastic shopping and events, but the best part of Las Vegas is the glamorous hotels. I have been fortunate enough to stay at various hotels, but these happen to be my favorite on the Las Vegas Strip. Venetian The Venetian is probably my absolute favorite h[...]

I Love Disneyland

Disneyland really is the happiest place on Earth! I remember going a few times with my family when I was little and it was always so magical. Now that I have a little nephew, my family and I cannot wait to take him to Disneyland so he can experience all of the fun for himself. But I must admit that I am also super excited to return to the amusement park so that I can ride my favorite Disneyland rides![...]