Why If Daryl Dies We Riot


Yes, I am on the Daryl Dixon bandwagon. Dixon has graced our television screens for about 5 years now and he just gets sexier each season. We have fallen in love with the hot archer played by Norman Reedus and we all have said that if Daryl dies, we will riot.

Well maybe not riot, but perhaps boycott The Walking Dead? Ok, let’s be honest, we could never boycott The Walking Dead, but I would be pissed. Really pissed. Daryl is extremely sexy and I know a lot of girls agree with me, including my mom and my best friend. My dad even thinks Daryl is a badass. I guess that means Daryl and I have his blessing.

But seriously, WHEN Daryl dies, I will be heartbroken. And it is bound to happen. I don’t think his character wasn’t even in the comic books and everyone on that show dies. I am pretty sure he isn’t going to die anytime soon, but I also don’t think he is going to be the last one standing.


Courtesy of moviepilot.com

Daryl is a one of a kind character. He is a guy with a tough exterior, but is really a sweetheart deep down. He was barely in season 1, but he grew such a fan base, that his character grew into a main character.

There is just something about Daryl’s character that I absolutely love and it isn’t just his rugged hot looks. He really is a badass and still continues to fight even after he has lost so much. And why hasn’t him and Carol gotten together already? It is like Daryl is the only one not getting any and I have no idea why.

I know that a lot of fans say that they will stop watching the show when Daryl dies, but I don’t believe it. Walking Dead fans are fans are very loyal and will watch the show until the very end. Don’t get me wrong, I will be devastated when Daryl dies, but I will still continue to watch The Walking Dead.