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5 Sexy Summer Skirts Worth Mentioning

Buying jeans is the crux of most people's existence, but, for me, finding a good skirt is a huge burden. They're always too short, too long, too colorful, too boring or just not in my size. So, now it's the weekend, it's hot as balls, I have a lust for cheap summer skirts, and I just got paid--it's time for... Some of the cutest ones I have come across today: 1. This adorable longer chiffon s[...]

Beach Fashion 2013

For some of us west coastians/southerners it's starting to get hot already, don't say you envy it--because many of us here are certainly not ready to deal with steering wheel burns, boob sweat, and sunglass tan. Anyway, while I can't stop the weather gods, I can at least fantasize about a new gaggle of vintage summer beach fashion finds, right? 1. ETE Swim The St. Tropez Bikini, $275. Talk about ad[...]

Stuff We Love: A.J. Morgan Eyewear

While I was in New York I kept seeing these shades sprinkled around all the little boutiques I went to, especially on Brooklyn's Bedford Avenue. Now, I've seen my fair share of inexpensive sunglasses, and I'm usually not partial to their designs or colors, so finding a cheap pair is kind of like sifting through garbage sometimes. I ended up buying a pair of A.J. Morgan sunglasses at In God We Trust[...]

Capes, Batman!

So it's looking like Capes are coming back, which is...unsurprising, but you know you're going to see them all on the clearance rack sooner than later. I don't actually own a cape, even though I get carried away with Harry Potter-esqe fantasies of having mystical powers and dressing like Morticia Adams. As an Alternative to ponchos, unflattering capes, and weird batwing shirts, I present to you: t[...]