Taco Fest

How The Arizona Taco Festival Failed

I was pretty excited to attend the sixth annual Arizona Taco Festival this weekend. But, I was sadly disappointed. Not only did it pour on us, which never happens in Arizona, but also the entire event was so poorly organized. First, we had to park so far away. We could have parked closer but there were so many cars and people that it really wasn’t worth it. The walk was sort of nice though bec[...]

Review: Roku’s Customer Support

I decided to get a Roku about a year ago. I wanted to be able to watch shows that I missed on Hulu and be able to binge watch shows and movies on Netflix. I have some friends who have a Roku and have been very pleased with it. Roku has a handful of different devices to stream entertainment straight to your television. Users have access to over 2,500 channels like Netflix, Hulu and so much more.[...]

Season 6 Premiere of The Walking Dead Disappoints

***Spoiler Alert*** I have been waiting for the return of The Walking Dead for MONTHS. I was so excited for last night’s premiere of season 6 that I had butterflies days before. It pains me to say this because I am a HUGE Walking Dead fan, but I wasn’t very impressed with the premiere. The episode was 90 minutes so I was expecting a lot. I felt like they didn’t cover a lot of ground in the[...]
The Shining

The Scariest Movies of All-Time

In honor of Halloween coming up in just 3 weeks away, here are my top 4 scariest movies ever. I recommend not watching these alone! The Shining Maybe it is just because of the acting, but The Shining is by far one of the creepiest movies. Jack Nicholson is brilliant as a husband/father that goes crazy while being locked up in a hotel for the winter. The movie was directed by Stanley Kubrick a[...]

Could London Be Getting a NFL Team?

It is hard to believe that the NFL has been playing games in London for nine years. Each season it seems like more and more regular season games are played in London and now the city wants to have their very own NFL team. Just this past Sunday, the New York Jets took on the Miami Dolphins at Wembley and there are still two more regular season games for the NFL scheduled in London this year. The[...]

Why If Daryl Dies We Riot

Yes, I am on the Daryl Dixon bandwagon. Dixon has graced our television screens for about 5 years now and he just gets sexier each season. We have fallen in love with the hot archer played by Norman Reedus and we all have said that if Daryl dies, we will riot. Well maybe not riot, but perhaps boycott The Walking Dead? Ok, let’s be honest, we could never boycott The Walking Dead, but I would be[...]

Maison Martin Margiela 2015: An Ethical Pickle

Let me preface: It's really hard for me to appreciate the work of someone who holds a prejudice towards a particular group of people. Kicked out of the House of Dior because of an abominable antisemitic tirade, and shunned from the fashion community as a whole, John Galliano has entered the fashion world as the creative director for Maison Martin Margiela. Before this drunken night of racist, ignora[...]
damn, it feels good to be a grandma

Aging? Hell Yes: Dispelling the “O” Word

How the hell is men's aging synonymous with fine wine? What does that make us? Stale beer? I, like many, have been concerned with getting older for a while now. I get about 5 inches away from my mirror and monitor the fine lines that accumulate around my eyes and inspect the roots of my hair for signs of grey. For the first time in my life, I've been paying attention to the ads that promise anti-agin[...]