Caitlyn Jenner…We Get the Point

As much as I admire Caitlyn Jenner for standing up for what she believes in, I am kind of tired of hearing about it. It seems like everyday there is a new story about her, whether it is good or bad. I have always been a fan of Bruce Jenner, so I thought it was very inspiring for him to come out and be his true self. To be honest, the only reason I would even watch some of the Kardashian episodes[...]

The Man Bun Epidemic…Is It Over Yet?

The newest trend for men, known as the man bun, has taken the nation by storm. From yogis to celebrities, this hairdo can’t be missed. The man bun will go down in history next to the mullet and the rattail as one of the weirdest men haircuts. Personally, I am not a fan at all. In case you don’t know much about this hairdo, I came across a website dedicated to all you need to know about the man b[...]
beach bikini fashion 2013

Stuff We Love: High Waist Bikinis

Not always the most flattering swimsuit in the ever evolving state of beach fashion, but certainly one of the cuter, and slightly more modest trends in 2013. Part granny panty, part sexy, and entirely retro; high waist bikinis are awesome. A great alternative for someone stuck in a rut as to what "type" of bathing suit to get, without having to opt for a tankini (yuck) or something equally drab. It's a[...]
harness trend

Harness Your Bad Side with a Little Restraint

The body harness trend didn't really begin overnight with a barrage of women reading 50 Shades of Grey, it's been a staple in the goth and fetish scene for a while now. While it's still a bit of an eye-brow raiser, unfazed fashionistas around the globe have been throwing these devilishly controversial pieces in with their daily garb. Also referred to as body cages or bondage restraints, these "a[...]

Aw Here it Goes: The Ankle Pants Trend

Looking through some of the 2013 Pre-Fall fashion show photos, it seems as though one of my favorite looks is going to be allover the town next year. Juicy Couture, 3.1 Phillip Lim, and Rachel Comey have revealed that our beloved cigarette jeans are getting a tad shorter in 2013. The ankle pants trend is something you'll see dating back to the 1950's, along with coiffed curls, scarves, and cat-eye glas[...]

Hell Bent for Leather

Leather reminiscent leggings have been popping up everywhere and they are HOT. From the more demure rubbery matte shine to the high gloss patent leather look, it's all about these glossy stretch pants. Feel free to let your inner 80's hair metal  shine though in these bad boys. You'll be sure to have a ballad written after you when you show up in a bustier and a leather jacket. If you're[...]