Forks Up Devils…Football is Back

I graduated from Arizona State University in 2009 and I still consider myself a Sun Devil. Each year I have seen the ASU football team get better and better. They have suffered some tough losses in the last couple of years, but this year may be their year to be on top. With the Oregon Ducks losing their best offensive players, ASU has a chance of having the best offense in the Pac-12. Mike Berco[...]

Football Is Back!

I love football. My Sundays are just not complete without a whole day of football on the television. Preseason just kicked off last week and I was lucky enough to go to the Kansas City Chiefs and Arizona Cardinals 1st preseason game on Saturday. I happen to be both a huge Chiefs and Cardinals fan. (Hey, they are in different conferences, so it is ok) I had an absolute blast, but more importantly it gav[...]

From a Lady’s Perspective: Fantasy Football Preview

Are you ready for some football? It is that time of year again, time for some Fantasy Football fun. I played for the first time last year in a free league and surprisingly tied for 2nd place. I am sure it was just luck, but I decided to play again this year and just had my draft. So here is my top Fantasy picks. Adam Vinatieri is 42-years-old, but still a top Fantasy pick. Last season, the kicke[...]

The Greatest This is SportsCenter Commercials

ESPN has forever changed the world of sports. I don’t think anyone can compete with SportsCenter, especially when they have hilarious commercials like these. Larry Fitzgerald Larry Fitzgerald is a stud on the football. The Arizona Cardinal’s Wide Receiver is known for catching just about anything that comes his way. Landon Donovan Landon Donovan kicked ass on the soccer field and i[...]
Gronk & Ortiz

The Worst Commercials Starring Football Players

Football stars can earn a lot of endorsements. And that means a lot of commercials. There are some football players who are actually very funny and nailed their commercials, like Aaron Rodgers and Larry Fitzgerald. (Stay tuned for my list of the best commercials starring athletes) But of course there are still a handful of athletes that try to be funny and just fail miserably. Maybe they should stick t[...]
Kitten Star

Kittens Take Over Baseball in Hallmark’s Paw Star Game

The Hallmark Channel has taken Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl to a whole new level. Hallmark has their own super bowl, but with kittens, known as the Kitten Bowl. But they don’t stop there, this past weekend the Hallmark Channel hosted The Paw Star Game, in honor of MLB All-Star Weekend. Who doesn’t love kittens and baseball? Two teams, North Shore Bengals and the Mystery Meercats, faced off i[...]

Athletes Bare It All for Annual Body Issue

It is not surprising that ESPN The Magazine’s annual Body Issue is full of gorgeous athletes. Every year since 2009, the magazine releases this issue that features photos of nude and semi-nude athletes from all different sports. From basketball players to surfers to swimmers, they all have been featured in the Body Issue. The issue still includes regular sports coverage, which is awesome, but[...]

The Hottest Male Athletes

Most athletes are attractive in some way or another. Maybe it is because they are good at a sport and are usually in incredible shape. But there is just something about a man who plays sports. Of course, there are a few athletes that really stand out and grab my attention. J.J. Watt I am a huge fan of J.J. Watt. He has the looks, the personality and the career. The man really has it all. Watt[...]
Curry outside

Who Knew Stephen Curry Cleans Up So Well?

Stephen Curry is looking good even off the court. Curry just helped lead the Golden State Warriors to an NBA Championship and now you can find him modeling in the new Express campaigns. The 26-year-old point guard was named the first men’s ambassador for Express back in December. But just recently have they released ads on their website featuring the NBA All-Star. I was very impressed with Kate Up[...]